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    Different dimensions in count

      Hi to everyone,


      I need help in determining a value which is the ratio between a sum of sales in a month and a count of a distinct number of employees that are prensent in a plant on that month.


      The expression I am using is:


      =sum(PROD_Euro_BW) / (Count (DISTINCT {< YearP = {PROD_Year_BW}, MonthP = {PROD_Month_BW}>} ID ))


      Now PROD_Year_BW and PROD_Month_BW are the dimentions used to determine the sum of PROD_Euro_BW but ID depends on Year and Month. The result of this ratio is a linear chart whose X axis is a date made from DATE(MakeDate(PROD_Year_BW,PROD_Month_BW),'yyyy-MM') and Y axis is the ratio.


      I hope this is clear and that someone can give me a hand on this as I am really stuck on it.


      Thank you in advance for any help.