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    Problem with a set

    Göran Hofstedt



      I have a problem. When I load the data I assaign all enddate that are equal to 999999999 to today date. That because I whant to see how many ID´s that are currently ongoing. =9999999


      But if the application are not reloaded every day to update the enddate to today date this gives me the following problem. In a table I use this to se how many ID that have been ended. Because the ongoing ID have today date as enddate I exclude them as follow

      =Count({<Enddate=P(Datum),Enddate-={'$(=Date(Today()))'}>}  DISTINCT ID) If the data then are not reloaded every day it obviosly get wrong.



      Any suggestion how to solve this? Can I assaign the enddate as today + 50 or something like that but make qlikview not show any numbers in the future?


      I have built the app localy on my computer, the meaning are that it should be publish on the qv-server. Maybe it won´t be any problem then if it´s possible to make it reload automatic every day? The only one that are responsibly for the server has quit =( so are there any good manualls I can follow?