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    Dynamic Table Creation

      Hi All,


      I had asked this question in another discussion, but it was not relevant there. So starting a new thread.


      On a sheet I want to have filters on the left side and on the right side I want to display a table of values. The number of rows should be dynamic. This is the scenario :

      Let us say : I have selected category A and it has subcategory A1, A2, A3 etc. For each of these subcategories, I need to display values like A11, A12, A13...A21, A22, A23 etc....


      Below is a sample as to how the sheet should look like



      CategorySubcategoryHeader 3Header 4Header 5Header 6





      Please find the attachment for the screen shot. I created the filter on the left side, based on the selection in the subcategory , the BMC_desc is getting populated. Now I want to have values for each of the BMC code.


      Here A = Sub_category_desc

      A1= BMC_desc

      A11.... = values for each




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          Jason Michaelides

          What does your data look like? Please post a sample app.

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              Thanks for the reply.

              I am able to generate the dynamic table. I just created a sample table box and created all the columns I wanted to be present in the table.



              However, I want to modify the table settings to the required format. But the properties of the table box object seems to be limited.


              Attached are the screen shots of the tableI have now and the table format I want. Can you guys please help me out here.


              Also, I want to know how about using Straigt Table here, but I am not able to link the straight table to the filters on the left hand side.

              I hope I have made myself clear. Please let me know if I am not clear.

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                  Jason Michaelides

                  With a straight table you could probably get close to what you want. I don't know why you think this wouldn't be linked to the filters on the left - it's the data model that defines links, not the objects used.


                  If you can post a sample app then we may be able to help you further. It's very difficult to help more without knowing more about the model etc and it's often easier and quicker to show a solution on a sample than to try and describe one.

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                      Hi jason,

                      Mine is a free personal edition, so even if u ppl make any changes

                      I ll not be Able to see them.

                      Regarding the linkage of straight table to filters , as shown in the screen

                      shots i dis create a straight table but this does not get populated on

                      selecting filters.


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                          Jason Michaelides

                          If we are using the full version and only modify your Personal Edition you may still see the changes.  Even if you can't, your data model is not clear from your explanations so viewing a sample will help us to help you.  If you can't see the solution in a qvw we can explain it in text but without seeing a sample it'll take to long to understand what's going on.


                          It's ALWAYS easier for people to help you if you provide a sample.

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                              My qvw for the question I asked about dynamic table is not completely ready, give me an hour and I will post it. In the meanwhile, I am facing problem in Scatter Chart. I have almost got what I want. When I plot the graph, there dots on the graph are interconnected by lines but I need them to be distinct, can you please help me delink those bubbles.




                              Attached is the qvd(I hope this is the file you wanted)

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                                Hi ,



                                Here is the qvw. I have the data in the straight table. I am also attaching the screen shot of the required output. Can you please help me to get the spaces in each cell , coloring a cell based on a condition etc.and a layout like that.


                                I am using a personal edition, so I am not sure if I will be able to see the changes you make to the qvw.



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                                    Jason Michaelides



                                    Sorry for the delay - I've been really busy.  Will look at this asap - I think most of it can be achieved with the possible exception of the cell padding (gaps between rows)



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                                        Hey Jason,


                                        No problem!

                                        I have completed the chart, just that I am not able to get dotted lines and I could not find a way to put images for dimensions. If you have any idea please let me know.


                                        Right now I am working on pivot tables, and in that I have a dimension called article_number which should be displayed only the prom_flag = 1 for that article. I am trying to get to an expression, but I have not been successful.