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    Scatter Chart

      Hi All,


      I need to create a Scatter chart with X axis being sales adn y axis profit. The dots in the chart should represent articles.

      Each article

      And articles of one category should be of one colour. ie. if categoy A has 10 articles then all the 10 articles should be of one colour and the articles of other categories should have other coloiurs.


      I have used sum(sales ) and sum(profit) as the expressions. I have selected around 4 dimensions, because I want to represent each record of the data source so I selected a combination of columns which is the unique key foir the data source.


      Now, I want these dots to be grouped as per the group they belong to. I was able to do that but now I have problems choosing the legend. I want a bmc_desc(attaching a qvw) as the legend and dots should be grouped by this bmc_desc. Can you please suggest how to configure the legend?



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          Deepak Kurup




          I didn't understood you exact issues but based on my understanding I have made an sample application.



          Check and let me know what are still pening.




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              Hey Deepak,


              thanks for the reply.

              the thing is I do not have licensed version, so I cant open the qvw file. Can you please explain with screenshots?

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                  Mayil Vahanan Ramasamy



                       Try this,


                       =In Expression tab, click '+' sign and in background color -> if(sub_category_desc = 'CEREALS', blue(), if(sub_category_desc = 'RICE', Red(), Green())) in both..


                       In General give = 'Scatter Chart ' & GetCurrentField(Group1) in window Title..


                  Hope it helps

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                      Other than changing the window title, it does not help me much. When I select bmc_desc, I see that for each of the bmc' there is one dot. But my requirement is that underr each bmc there are many articles and I want to see all those articles for that bmc.


                      Like in this case, under coffee there are many articles(read different types) . So , I want all those to be represented there, why are they getting aggregated, any idea?