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    If else expr issue

      Hi all,


      i have issue in below expr


      =if(Group1='PBT' or Group1='DEPRECIATION' or Group1='FINANCIAL EXPENSES',if(getselectedcount('FinYear')=1,sum(IF(ISNULL(GL_Amount),0.00001,GL_Amount)),sum({<Year={$(=max(Year))}>}IF(ISNULL(GL_Amount),0.00001,GL_Amount))),

      ifGroup1='Increase in Payables' or Group1='Increase in Receivables' OR Group1='Less-Tax Provision' or Group1='Cash & Cash Equivalaent in Various banks' or
      Group1='Increase in Investment' or Group1='Term Loan Disbursement' or Group1='Increase in Share Capital' or
      Group1='Cash & Cash Equivalaent in Various banks' or Group1='Investment in FMP & Mutual Funds'  OR Group1='Increase in Inventory' OR Group1='Increase in Other C/Assets' or
      Group1='Increase in Payables',sum(if(date(Posting_Date)>= $(MinSelectedDate) and date(Posting_Date)<= $(MaxSelectedDate) AND Division_Code<>'MO',IF(ISNULL(GL_Amount),0.00001,GL_Amount))),
      if(Group1='PROFIT AFTER TAX',$(vProfitAfterTax),
      if(Group1='Cash Profit',$(vCashProfit),

      if(Group1='Change in C/L',$(vChangeinCL),

      if(Group1='Increase in Other Liabilities',$(IncrinOtherLiabilities),
      if(Group1='CAPEX incl. CWIP',$(vCapex),
      if(Group1='Interest payment',$(vInterestpayment),
      if(Group1='Change in C/A',$(vChangeinCA),

      if(Group1='Term Loan Repayment/ Bank Borrowings',$(vTermLoanRepay),
      if(Group1='Dividend payout incl. Dividend Tax',$(vDividend),



      Change in C/A aur Change in C/L value does not come in straight table ,but when i take it as separate expr


      if(Group1='Change in C/L',$(vChangeinCL),

      if(Group1='Change in C/A',$(vChangeinCA)))


      then it comes,


      Pllzz suggest wats wrong with the above expr?