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    Dynamic Set Expression

    Edgar Kech

      Hi there,

      I'm struggling with a little problem where I need to use really dynamic expressions.


      OK, let's start.

      We've got investment in funds. A fund consists of a number of assets. Assets can have different countries, currencies or classes. And the assets have a market value pre-calculated in EUR.


      fund asset asset_country asset_currency asset_class market value in EUR
      fund_no1 asset_no1 DE EUR 1 1000
      fund_no1 asset_no2 DE EUR 1 1200
      fund_no1 asset_no3 NL EUR 2 900
      fund_no1 asset_no4 DE EUR 2 1000
      fund_no2 asset_no5 US USD 3 8000
      fund_no2 asset_no6 DE EUR 1 2000
      fund_no2 asset_no7 DE EUR 1 1000
      fund_no2 asset_no8 DE EUR 2 3000
      fund_no2 asset_no9 GB GBP 2 3500
      fund_no3 asset_no10 DE EUR 2 1000
      fund_no3 asset_no11 DE EUR 3 700
      fund_no3 asset_no12 US USD 3 2000
      fund_no3 asset_no13 NL EUR 1 5000
      fund_no3 asset_no14 DE EUR 1 4000



      That's the "fact"-part of the story.


      Now we can have one or more investmentstrategies per fund, depending on different rules, for example:

      Investment in assets from NL

      Investment in assets in USD

      Investment in assets in Class3


      fund strategy_name rule
      fund_no1 Class3 {$< asset_class = {3} >}
      fund_no1 NL {$< asset_country = {NL} >}
      fund_no2 NL {$< asset_country = {NL} >}
      fund_no2 USD {$< asset_currency = {USD} >}
      fund_no3 Class3 {$< asset_class = {3} >}
      fund_no3 NL {$< asset_country = {NL} >}


      Now I want to have an overview which rules apply to my funds and what is the share of the assets belonging to this rules. This should look like this:


      fundstrategy_nametotal per fundinvestment according to strategyshare for strategy


      But how do I get  QV to apply my different rules to the corresponding rows in my chart?


      Attached is a simplified example with inline-data. Idea was to store my rules as complete "Set Expression"-statement in my strategies table and link this rule dynamically...


      Does anyone have a solution for this problem?