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    chart data refresh

      hi all



      i make a chart using OLE DB and each time i am open the chart its not bring data from database automaticlly it want to enter DB password


      any method or way can make it auto ??? refresh the data and bring it from DB

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          The process you call "refresh data" is called "reloading" in QlikView. What reloading does is to execute all the lines in the script (Ctrl + E). In a Server environment, you can schedule those reloads to take place regarding some triggers (i. e.: each 10 minutes).


          However, using Desktop you have either to use Windows Scheduler or manually click on the Reload button or Ctrl + R. Another option, though, is to create a trigger so when the document is opened using Desktop, it is reloaded. If you want to do this go to the Settings menu, Document Properties, Triggers tab, OnOpen, Add Action, Type External, Reload.


          Note that each time you reload manually (using Desktop) you need to save the document, otherwise the next time you open the file you will see the same data, not reloaded data. Note that if several users are opening the same QVW this may cause deadlocks when saving the file.


          Hope that helps.