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    QVS: Overriding System CALs

      Hiya Guys,


      If my understanding of QlikView Server is correct:


      1. System CALs give Users administration rights to see ALL Documents;
      2. Document CALs give non-administration Users rights to see individual Documents;


      If this is the case, my question is:


      How do I add a "Test Dashboard" Document to the QV Access Point which only a subset of Administrators have access to? (ie: I only want one Administrator to be able to see a development Dashboard for approval before it goes live).


      Any suggestions/ideas/better informed information will be greatly appreciated  :-)





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          Phil Bishop

          User (what you refer to as System) CALs allow any user to access any set of documents they have rights to. Document CALs allow combinations of User-Document access. These are purely licensing scenarios.
          I believe what you are really asking about is Authorization. This is usually handled through Publisher when you assign users on the Distribution defined in a task. Typically, you will assign AD Groups or individual users to have access to a document. Only those authorized users will "see" the document on AccessPoint.
          In your case, you can assign the one Administrator to the document distribution for "Test Dashboard" and they will be the only one allowed to see and open the document on AccessPoint - assuming they have a CAL, of course.

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              Phil has explained the situation if you have Publisher implemented.


              If you do not have that licence, then you manage this level of authorization using NTFS file permissions.


              Probably the simplest way of achieving what you need is to:

              1. Create a seperate document folder on the server

              2. Make sure that Administrator is the only person with read access on the new folder

              3. Add that folder as a Mounted Folder within the QlikView Management Console