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    To use results of a selection list in a chart

    Laurent ANKRI



      I have a QV application with few tables which 2 are linked by the column [CONTACT_NUM].

      I have joigned the QV application in the discussion.


      In the table CV_TOU_CONTACTS_VW I have a column date [YEARMONTH]

      In the table CV_TOU_FACTURATION I have a column date [YEARMONTH_SALAIRE]

      The 2 tables are linked with the column [CONTACT_NUM]


      I have created a chart that returns the number of contact with YEARMONTH=2012-1.

      I have detached the chart in order to fix the result (chart in red)


      I have selected in the column YEARMONTH_SALAIRE the value '2012-1'

      I want to find in the seond chart only the number of CONTACT_NUM that are in the first chart ie find all contacts whose YEARMONTH is equal to the value selected in the column YEARMONTH_SALAIRE


      How can I do ?


      I have tested the expression sum ({<[YEARMONTH]= {"=[YEARMONTH_SALAIRE]"}>} AFFECTE) but it's doesn't work


      Thank you very much


      Nobody has yet found a solution to my problem. Help me pleeeeeeaaaaase