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    Providing User Feedback on Maximize of Slow Chart

    Lucas Blancher

      Hi Everyone,

      I have several charts on a tab that are slow when they are maximized. During the time the new chart takes to compute and display, the previous chart has minimized and the screen just seams to sit there without providing any feedback to the user that something is actually happening. How can I provide the user some feedback so the user knows something is happening, and to stop them from getting "click happy"?


      Any suggestions?


        • Providing User Feedback on Maximize of Slow Chart
          Lucas Blancher

          Hi All,

          I have tried the follow. I started using a button with an Action that ran a macro with the following Code.


          Sub Feedback()
          'get the text object and update the display text
          Set targetOBJ = Activedocument.GetSheetObject("TX01")
          Set tProp = targetOBJ.GetProperties
          tprop.Layout.Text.v = "Loading ...."
          targetOBJ.SetProperties tprop

          'get the desired chart and restore it from minimized
          Set targetCH = Activedocument.GetSheetObject("CH04")
          'revert the text object back to a blank value
          tprop.Layout.Text.v = ""
          targetOBJ.SetProperties tprop

          End Sub

          I have simply put a text object(TX01) on the screen, and when the button is pressed I would like the text box to be updated with 'Loading...' and then when the chart(CH04) is restored, I want the text of the text object to be blank.

          It seams that the Restore function on the Chart does not wait for the operation to complete before returning. Because 'Loading..' never seams to appear in the text object. Is their a way to make the Restore method wait for the operation to finish before returning?