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    click actions and data consolidation

      Hi all,


      I’m looking for two solutions:


      1. i built a budget planning dashboard and now i want to add a few click action that will allow end user to exclude specific values in one click.

      Meaning - suppose i have a year budget and actual for 6 branches. i would like to allow the user to exclude 2 predefined branches from the actual performance in one click.


      2. Actual performance data is by a list of projects.

      No project codes, just names.

      Project names tend to include some typos since they are manually typed in.

      For example: Maintenance, maintenance, maintenanse....

      In situation as such, QV will display them as two different projects.


      Any ideas how to approach this issue?

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          Christophe Brault



          2. For problems of typos as maintenance and Maintenance, use Capitalize(), Lower(),Upper().


          For problems like maintenanse, you could use a mapping table but you would have to list all the errors and their correct form... It can be heavy to maintain...


          I didn't really understand point 1...

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              hi christophebrault

              thank you for your answer.


              for num 2 i created a mapping table but was hoping for maybe a better solution...


              for num 1, I’ll try to explain:


              lets say you have a budget and actual for  6 different activities.

              now, in specific situations, some activities need to be excluded from the total view, for example its budget is run in a different department...


              in that case, i would like to create a click action that in one click will exclude these activities (they are constant and predefined) from to total view, in order to see a better picture of my actual vs. budget.



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                  Christophe Brault

                  Can you share a list of your name project , corrects and uncorrect to test different solutions ?


                  It could be an interesting functionnality to develop.


                  1: A list box with activities isn't a good solution in this case ?


                  You also can create a table with department associated to activity. By selecting a specific department, you will show only interesting activities.

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                      sorry, cant share the list of projects at the moment.

                      i'll think of somthing on that issue and let you know.


                      no, a list box will not be good enough. i already have a few of them on the page.

                      but, these specific values exclusion needs to be user friendly since not every one who looks at the budget knows which values to exclude and than one will see a wrong picture of actual exceeding budget,


                      and that is not what they need to see....