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    How to 'input' a required selection ?



      In my dashboard, at the script side, I am calculating a calender table with columns like Year, Quarter and Month


      The customer requirement at UI now changed and they want a filter of the following sort,


      ..that is, they want in a multibox, with two dropdowns. 1)Period 2)Range

      In period dropdown, they want to see the values Year, Quarter and Month

      In range dropdown, they want to see the values from 1-10


      Now on selecting say Year in the Period dropdown and on selecting say 5 from the Range dropdown, they want the dashboad selection to be set for last five years.


      I have no idea how to implement this without altering the current way the data is structured at the script side.

      If anyone can guide me with suggestions/ideas..that would be of great help.




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          why not use the range as a parameter that will act somthing like a 'top n' values?


          in dimension limits, you select top n limitation and put there a parameter

          then, you create a slider or a drop down list with only number and when selecting a number it will be put into the parameter allowing to calculate the top n years in your case....

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            Tanel Rüütli

            It is easy to implement with variables.


            Instead of multibox add input box with two new variables to select Period and Range (use "predefined values in drop-down" as constrain).

            Then create a variable vRangeStart to store required starting date of dashboard data.

            For this variable add expression to recalculate the date every time user changes Period or Range.

            Something like this:


              if(vPeriod = 'Year', makedate(year(today())-vRange),

              if(vPeriod = 'Month', addmonths(monthstart(today()), -vRange),

              if(vPeriod = 'Quarter', addmonths(quarterstart(today()), -vRange * 3))))



            In dashboard expressions add if-statement or set-analysis syntax to always limit the data to

            Date >=vRangeStart.