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    QEMC & Server Setting For Best Performance

      Hi all,


      I have several questions according QEMC setting for best performance of my QVW. My current conditions is:

      - Size of my QVW file: 1.6GB

      - Table rows : 150 milions

      - Average memory consumption every access the QVW from access point: 17-19 GB

      - Working set : 70% (Low) and 90% (High)

      - Server Specs: QuadCore 2.3GHZ (2 Processors), 24 GB of RAM

      - QlikView Server Edition : 10 SR4 - 64Bit

      - Windows Server 2008 Entreprise Edition SR2 - 64Bit

      - Allowed Paging File Size : 40GB (Virtual Memory)

      - Firewall setting : Turned Off

      - Web Client Access with Ajax

      - All Expression in my chart are simple expreesion, not complex (Ex: sum(Sales), Count(Qty)), so I think its not problem in my expressions.



      Now the problem is when I access from access point, the performance is become slow and different with when I access from QV Desktop. My questions is:

      1. What is the best working set setting with my current condition? Is default setting 70% (low) and 90% (high) is ok?

      2. What else I need to tunning for the best performance in my server? I've tried to apply tips from this link : http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2362  Its just the same.

      3. Why 'Hyper-threading' in Server must be disabled? Anyone can explain to me?


      Thanks all.