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    Plan versus actuals

    Anders Smith



      I have one table containing a plan, and another containing actuals.  Plan and actuals aren'always the same.

      I have linked together with a CommonDate-field.  I want to select Plant 2 in the plan, and then the Plant 2 should be displayed in the actuals.  I have tried a set analysis for this, but this don't work if I have selected a date with only Plant 1 in the plan. Sum({$<ActPlant= p(PlanPlant)>}ActAmount)

      Are ther any method to view Selected and not "Possible"?



        • Re: Plan versus actuals
          Jonathan Dienst



          Can I make a couple of suggestions after a brief look at your model.


          • Combine the two fact tables into one with the following fields:


                    Date, BatchID, Amount, Plant, Type

                         where Type = 'Plan' or 'Actual'


          • Create a master calendar linked to CommonDate. This should contain all the dates from the minimum to the maximum.


          Those two steps should simplify the development of this model.


          If you are unsure of how to proceed, I suggest that you post the two source Excel files, so I or someone else can modify your model as outlined above.