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    getfieldselections w/ list of values that have spaces



      I am attempting to use this function to pickup selections from one list box(list box 1)  to use to drive selections in another list box (list box 2). 


      The list of values includes strings like:


      Round Table Pizza

      Mom & Pop Pizza



      I am finding the function works for the items in the list that don't contain any spaces (PizzaRock works for me), but for the others

      in the list, if i select those in listbox 1, the function seems to not work, and ends up selecting all items in list box2. 


      It might work if i can figure out the syntax to make the function form a list that looks like:


      ("Round Table Pizza" | "Mom & Pop Pizza" | "PizzaRock" )


      I haven't figured that out; my latest vs of the Function ussage is:





      =  '("' & getfieldselections(REVENUE_FLASH_BUDGET.BUS_GRP_DN,'"|"', 20) & '")'


      - it picks up the " only on leading and last.


      Any ideas??  (oh, yes, i am new to qlickview as you might have already surmised   )