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    Issue with Date field during concatenation

    Ben Robinson

      Hi all, I am pretty new to Qlikview so please be gentle with me!


      I have loaded in to a pre existing template some monthly sales budgets and against them have allocated a myDate field of the 1st of each month.


      Once loaded in to a table I am then concatenating them into the main transactions table which also has a myDate field.


      My issue is that when I do the concatenation I lose all the dates that are against all the other transactions in the main transaction table. The sales target info loads in fine and has a date against it but all the other transactions then show a "-" in the myDate field.


      From what I have read I am guessing it is something to do with the date format but I have tried every which way and can't solve it.


      Can someone please explain how qlikview handles dates re formatting and concatenating tables together?


      if it helps to know we have a statement at the beginning of the document that is SET DateFormat = 'D/MM/YYYY';


      Any advice in this area would be gratefully received because I have spent hours trying to resolve this.


      Many thanks