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    Unable to move objects within Access Point

      Hi All,


      I am facing a wierd scenario. When I open the qvw via Access Point, I am unable to move the cloned sheet objects. This issue is only for a few QVWs whereas it works fine for other documents. However, when I keep the ALT key pressed I am able to move them.


      Product version: 10.00.9282.8

      Client Build Number:  10.00.9282.0409

      Server Build Number: 9282


      We have recently moved to SR4, earlier it was SR2. Could it be that for the qvws that was created in SR2(long back, so these qvws were not opened in SR4), it works fine. But for the QVWs which were opened in SR4 for development the issue arises?


      Has anyone faced this issue? I suspect this to be a bug. But i need some document GA Release Notes to go back to the users and tell them this is a bug (if at all it is)..


      Thanks in advance,


        • Re: Unable to move objects within Access Point

          Hi All,


          This is fixed now.

          What did i do?:

          1. Finally the client had arranged for a DEV server, where I had access to do QV developments. (Earlier I was doing all developments only in my local system).

          2. I just re-opened the QV in the server. Did some dev work (mostly changes), saved the QV, reloaded the QV.

          3. Opened the QVW via access point, and bingo the issue was resolved. Cloned Sheet objects were now movable when opened via Access Point, without the need of the [ALT] key.



          I think there are some of the features that breaks when dev work is done in a local system, and changes are directly copied over to the server. And then a refresh is done in the server enviornment.


          However, one thing I noticed:

          Now when i open the qvw in my local, the tabs appear in a reverse order as in  (sheet->tab3, tab2, tab1 ). But when the same qvw is opened in the Server using QV Client OR via Access Point they appear in a correct order as in (sheet->tab1, tab2, tab3).


          This is a very strange behaviour encountered. But i think its ok, until the users dont notice this . However, I hope there exists a patch for this.


          Hope I am not confusing you guys.


          Thanks ,