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    Button Properties /Chart properties

      When i click on the button, the respective chart should pop up as the screen shot.


      Please help

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          Jean-Pierre Bakhache



          I didn't see any attached screenshot.

          But you can add a trigger in the "Actions" tab of the button properties:

          Add > Layout > Restore Object >

          and just type the object id (that you find in the "General" tab of the properties) of the chart you want it opened, for example: CH10



          Hope this helps.

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            Johannes Sunden

            Try working with minimized charts instead of buttons perhaps?

            Easy to pop up when needed.. or placing several charts in a container object?

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                Dennis Hoogenboom

                Another option is to use Contional show option on the object that you want to be popped up.


                1 Create a variable (CTRL+ALT+ v) Add : vShow

                2 Create a button and add action Set Variabel

                               Variable :          vShow

                               Value:               =if(vShow=0,1,0)


                3 Go to the Layout tab of the object you want to show with the button

                4 Click the dot on Show Conditional and give as value :  vShow =1


                By pressing the button the varaible vShow changes from 0 to 1 (and back)

                and the object will dissaper and show by bressing that button.