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    Adding to existing expression

      Hi Everyone


      I'm new to Qlikview and I'm having trouble with an expression.
      I don't have access to change script, but create charts and tables from data generated by a SAP system to show on a webview.
      My problem is I'm trying to add to an existing expression with no luck.




      This is an expression that I was given when I found that the field name KNVP_ADD.PERNR_NAME can in some cases have several name entries behind it.
      Causing records in my tables to duplicate.

      The expression  allows only single entries to be shown and when there are more than one it shows null (and it works).

      But I have to add   OrderEntry.VBAK.AUART -= {'ZCOM','ZRER','KA','KB'} to the expression.

      This field name covers document types, so I don't want to show these document types in my tables.

      Any help in accomplishing this would be very welcome.

      Thanks Sean

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          Hi Sean,


          You can use Replace() function to remove document types.




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              Hi Supriya


              Thanks for replying and sorry I've taken so long to answer.

              I've tried using replace as above and it does remove the document types, but then the other part of the expression 

              if(Len(KNVP_ADD.PERNR_NAME) ->,'-',KNVP_ADD.PERNR_NAME) doesn't work now no entries are returned at all.


              This is the expression I've tried to use it removes the document types, but doesn't show the entries correctly like the original expression did. The edit expression box shows expression OK and I've tried variations on the expression.


              =Replace((OrderEntry.VBAK.AUART =-'ZCOM','ZRER','KA','KB'),if(Len(KNVP_ADD.PERNR_NAME) ->,'-', KNVP_ADD.PERNR_NAME))


              What could be wrong with the expression I want to remove the documents while still having the second part working as it did originally.


              Thanks in advance for your help