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    Can Data Be "Scrubbed"?

    Rayna Curtis

      Hi all,


      I have a database with a phone_number field.  The problem is that it's not a number but a string field where any of the following are valid:

      (416) 555-1212




      You get the idea.


      Now, we have another table from a completely different place where that same phone number is always stored as 4165551212, and I have been asked to join records based on those two fields.


      So here is my question - is there a way in the script to "scrub" the data in the first field of any non-numeric characters so it will cleanly join with the second field?  I found a reference to "num(evaluate(phone_number), '##########')" but the phone numbers might be non-North-American, so we can't know how many characters might be in the field...and I get a "Garbage after expression" error when I try this.  (I am still running Qlikview 9, if that makes a difference.) 


      Any assistance would be much appreciated!  Thank you!