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    Looking for function Like Dimensionality but for Pivot Table totals rows

      Hi guys,


      Please see the attached qvw.


      I have a Pivot Table like follows:



      I need to be able to manage independently and use different expressions for each combination of the expression and Dimension Total.

      (Dimension Total ,   Expression).

      For example, I need to use Expression 1 for Budget when Title is GPM (Total),  Expression 2 when Title is Incomes, and Expression 3 when Title is "Total".

      The function Dimensionality() helps me identifying the Dimension I need, for example "Title" is Dimensionality 1, but I also need to identify each Sub Total level into Dimension Title.


      The only way I found is using # of Rows combinaded with Dimensionality.


      Is there any other good option?


      Please note I am using indent mode in the Pivot table.


      Thanks in advance,


        • Re: Looking for function Like Dimensionality but for Pivot Table totals rows
          Stefan Wühl

          Hi Aldo,


          I haven't fully understood why you are looking for something different than dimensionality() ('..but for pivot table totals rows). I always assumed dimensionality() was designed for pivot tables total rows.


          dimensionality() should give you the level of your partial sums, if you need to distinguish between lines of the same level, you can check on dimension values.

          Using NoOfRows() doesn't seem very robust to me (when adding / removing some Title2 values).


          You can probably work out a solution using a pick() on dimensionality()+1, then maybe using another pick/match for the single expressions in each level based on dimension value.