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    HTML Downloads No longer working after upgrade from 10SR3 to 10SR4

    Graeme Smith

      After upgrading from 10SR3 to 10SR4, downloads in documents from HTML sources no longer appear to be working under the QDS.  The application reloads fine interactively when opened on the server using the QDS service account, and was working prior to the upgrade without issue, so it looks to be something specifically introduced by the upgrade.


      I have a feeling it might be related to the issue below:



      I will test the proposed work around in the above post shortly, but I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing similar issues?



      Here is a simple example to recreate the issue - just put this script in a QV document and execute it via the QDS (running it interactively under the QDS service account, on the QDS server works fine):


      LOAD [Country Names (in English)],

      RowNo() as TmpRow,

      [ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code] as Country



      (html, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, table is @1);

      Running it interactively works ok, but when running it via a QDS task, the task fails with the following error:

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0009 SET TimestampFormat='DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss[.fff]'

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0010 SET MonthNames='Jan;Feb;Mar;Apr;May;Jun;Jul;Aug;Sep;Oct;Nov;Dec'

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0011 SET DayNames='Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;Sun'

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0018 CountryCodes:

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0019 LOAD [Country Names (in English)],

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0020 RowNo() as TmpRow,

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0021 [ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code] as Country

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0022 FROM

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0023 [http://www.iso.org/iso/country_codes/iso_3166_code_lists/country_names_and_code_elements.htm]

      16/06/2012 21:22:53: 0024 (html, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, table is @1)

      16/06/2012 21:22:54: Error: Cannot open HTML file

      16/06/2012 21:22:54: General Script Error

      16/06/2012 21:22:54: Execution Failed

      16/06/2012 21:22:54: Execution finished.