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    Sum Opening Balance Problem

    Matan Chalamish

      Hi All.


      Please take a look at the attached file.

      In the original table (Balance) for each account, for each day I have it's opening balance (prev. opening Bal + prev balence).


      I'm trying to get in a pivot table, for each account, for any selection, i'ts opening Balance.

      (Notice for the timeDisplay cyclic dimension: Year\Year-Month\Year-Week\Date)

      i.e - for any account, what i want to get in the total row is -  the opening balance of the minimal day (of the specific account).



      1:  I want to show, in another total row the sum of all accounts opening balance.

      2: if it's possible to show in the total row, also the closing (opening + Sum(balance)) Balance.


      My Problems - For example -

      If no selection - no account have opening balance (no transations on 01/01/2012).

      If i select May, to account 59 there is no opening balance, Because in this account there is no transactions in 1/5/2012.


      How can I do that?

      Many many thanks -