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    I need help with a multi year expression

    Michel Kreppold

      Hi Community


      What I like to do:


      I like to build a pivot table with a expression about multi year.

      For Example:

      Actually Year:     Dez 2011+Jan 2012+Feb 2012 (that is no problem) vs

      Last Year:          Dez 2010+Jan 2011+Feb 2011 (that ist my problem :-)



      What I do:


      I build a pivot table with 2 dimensions and a expression for the actually year like "Sum({$<%DATUM={"<=$(vDatenstand)"}>} ABSATZ_DIREKT)".

      My current selection is:

      Jahr_Monat_IST = 2011-Dez, 2012-Jan, 2012-Feb.


      What I need is a idea for the "last year" expression. Can I get the selection and subtract 1 year?


      I try different ways but nothing works.