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    Automatically export Chart to .jpeg from web interface

      Hi all,

      I have a qvw that export jpeg file from chart after reload the document.

      It works correctly.


      Now I have to complete this job, with task schedulation in the Qw Web Management Console.

      I created the task and it runs... on qlik server task manager it appear a qvb.exe process... but nothing happened... jpeg file is not created.


      It's a permission problem? I haven't error message to read...


      Thank you!!!


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          Qlikview Publisher will not fire any macro code within a document.  To get your OnPostReload trigger to fire, you need to reload the document from the command line with a batch file.  The batch file can be scheduled with windows task scheduler.   Search for 'command line syntax' in the Qlikview Reference manal (not the server manual) for details on the syntax for reloading from a batch file. 

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              Thank you very much Tammy,

              I supposed that was not possibile to run macros from Publisher.


              So I scheduled on win task scheduler this batch file:

              Set qlik = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")


              Set QvDoc = qlik.ActiveDocument

              Doc.ReloadEx 2, 1




              Set qlik = Nothing


              It works!


              Thank you!