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    Question about TOTALs over fields / aggregation



      I'm going round in circles here and hope someone can help


      I have a pivot table that has 3 dimensions



      [Contact Outcome] * this is a drill down group


      The table shows the percentage of call results falling in each contact group for each agent per week, and this works fine, I use the following expression



      COUNT({$<DMC = {'True'}>} callResultId)/COUNT({$<DMC = {'True'}>} TOTAL <Week, AgentName> callResultId)



      However, when I drill into the contact outcome drill down group, it shows the percentage of call results in the week for the agent within that Contact Outcome group. What I want it to do is show the count of the lower level field in the group as a percentage of ALL the calls for that agent for that week.


      Can anyone advise where I'm going wrong?