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    Displaying a value from a single row of a chart

    DJ Gibney

      I have a chart with a "Number of Days to Close" dimension, and a "Running Percent" calculated expression:



      Here is a straight table representation:


      Essentially what this tells the user is how many days it takes for 80% of Change Requests  to close.  In addition to the visual chart, I would like to display this single number separately; either using text in the chart, or a separate text object.  I need to call out the dimention value (number of days) where the running percent is 80%.  In the above example this would be 133.


      When I try to add the expression below as "Text in Chart" on the presentation tab, it doesn't work, I'm guessing because I can't reference the calculated expression [Running Pct]:

      =min({$<[Running Pct]={">=.8"} >} [CR In Progress To Closed Days])


      Any ideas on how this could be done?


      I added a reference line to show where the 80% value would be, which allows the user to hover over and see the value, but I would like this to be explicitly shown as well.