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    Conditional Formula not returning exact results

      I am new to Qlikview so please excuse this easy question.


      I am trying to create a straight table in which there is an Author column and an Nutra Cold Call calculation based on the results being "yes" in my database.

      I have asked it to use a unique field (PrinRprt_ID) to count if this Nutra field is equal to Y.

      However, when I create this - it does not return any results.


      Here is my table - What am I missing??

      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          Stefan Wühl



          the conditional enablement is used to enable or disable the expression completely (i.e. evaluated once per chart calculation), not record based. For example, you can use a variable to enable / disable the expression, and you can set the variable via a button or an input box. You should not use an expression here that can't be evaluated to an unambiguous result in global context (like in a text box). So I would suggest just disabling the conditional again.


          I think this is what you need here (in expression definition):


          =count( if(NUTRA_NEW_COLD_CALL = 'Y', PrinRprt_ID))




          =count({<NUTRA_NEW_COLD_CALL = {Y}>} PrinRprt_ID)

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            Thank you so much!! That worked perfectly and now I understand with the "conditional" box is referring to.

            Thank you again...I have wasted hours on this and really appreciate the help!!
            Have a great day!