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    Selection - Dividing a dimension between two graphs (pivot)

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to split out a section of data by State/Interstate.


      I've got a 2 pivot tables setup with different expressions, but with a common dimension (state). I want one to display the current state selected, and the other to display the excluded state options (at the same time).


      I believe that Set Analysis is the best way to do this, but of course that is limited to aggregation functions. I've tried to use different variations of aggr() and Only() but i just can't get it right.


      At present my calculated dimension formula looks like this:


      = aggr(Only({1-$} sSalesState), sSalesState)


      I know this is completely wrong, and i'm not 100% that it's possible at all.


      Any advice you guys could offer is most appreciated.