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    qvd incremental load with EDX option

    Dan-Ketil Jakobsen



      I have read this thread:



      It looks fine but I have some questions.


      I have a solution where my report starts by asking a user to input <date from> and <date to>.

      My first problem is that the SQL server uses long time to process the data.

      Hence I want to store a QVD each night with all data from january 1st to last night..

      Then during the day the report append, or in similar ways, store the new data each hour.


      Problem 2, the user needs to be able to ask for any period.

      So if they ask for may 20th to  june 20th the method have to first figure out if it needs to reload the report because it has todays date as end date( we then want all new transaction up to this minute). Then it needs to get data from both sides. QVD and SQL server.


      Hope you understand what I am looking for.