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    skipping lines with a certain value of invoice date



      I'm quite new to Qlickview, so maybe my questions are a bit stupid, so i hope this is no problem for you.


      I have 2 questions:

      See attached screenprint

      1. I'm working on a list which shows all outstanding invoices for a specifica As Of Date.

      For keying in the As Of Date a made a Slider/calender with Variable 'AsOfDate'

      This means i have to select all invoices with an invoicedate Less Or equal to AsOfDate.

      In the screenprint attached this means that invoice 181696 with invoice date 14-06-2012 should not be shown.

      My question is: How can i filter out these invocies dynamically, based on the AsOfDate input ?



      The Open Amount is an expression which calculates the open amount by calculating the original amount -/- the sum of all (partial) payments done before the As Of Date. This means that for some invoices the Open Amount will be 0,00. ( Colom Open will ne 'N')

      I don't want to show these lines also, because the business only want to see the open invoices.

      How can i automatically filter out these invoices?


      Thanks in advance,