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    Urgent: Set analysis for back date calculations on AR



      I want to create an AR report which is calculated based on the date selections. I already succeed doing this but the selections is only based complete date (Tgl_Invoice), what i want is by separate time dimension (Year, Month, date).


      example: if select on Year:2011, Month: Mei and date:10 (10/05/2011) then the result is must be able to show all the invoice date before of current selections. But i cant get the correct result, in order to get the correct result i must select on Tgl_Invoice:10/05/2011 (based on my set analysis exp)


      How i can solved this? i want to have a selections based on fields Year, Month and date.

      Also further more still have a flexibility to have a selections on branch or brand.


      Please take a look at the attached file. This is what i've done, the selection only by Tgl_Invoice.

      I also will need the calculations for aging based on payment, but i think it can be solved after this.


      Help me on this...urgent


      Thank you