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    How to store a dataset in QV



      How do I store the result from a selection at a certain point in time? I know that you can use bookmarks to store the selection you have done but this doesn't store the data (the result set) at a certain point in time.


      As an example, the customer wants to store "a picture of the situation" every week or every month. . I have not worked with reports and maybe this is the way the problem is solved? I mean, are reports stored with its data and are possible to use? I guess that you are building a report template and when you run the report, the recent updates are populated into the report but are the data also stored so you can in some way go back after, for example a year, and check how the outcome was for/in the end of June 2011 when you are in June 2012?


      So my question is - can you solve this problem using:


      a) Report and/or

      b) By using an ordinary dashboard in QV where you have stored the situation back in time?