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    date formating prob

    Ruby Otero



      i have a sql table that has a date fiel (complete  date up to time)


      and i load it using date(datefield) as Date1


      it gives me value with format 'MM/DD/YYYY', this is fine with me because i just want to get the proper date without the time...


      and i use table object because i want to display the per record details, BUT when i want to filter per Date1 i have this --see picture below first field is the default value frm SQL table and 2nd field is the result of date(datefield) as PAFDate

      datepic1.png <---i got this when i look up for a date see the multiple line even if its the same date?ex. 02/10/2012


      datepic.png  this image when i filter it by date i selected


      can anyone help me understand pls....