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    How to calculate the lower values in a chart with two dimensions?

      Hello everyone,


      Does someone know how to calculate a Min expression in a chart with two dimensions?


      The idea is recreate the next chart but using two dimensions (the second dimension returns me the correct number of blue dots)

      End result.png



      The blue line that we see is a MAX line.

      The expression for it is: If ( Rank(Sum(PROD))  = 1, Sum(PROD))


      At the moment.png


      But for the min line I can have a rank between 2 and 4. So I use the Rank = 2 or Rank >= 2 because I will get more than one min value.

      current problem.png


      The expressions used are:

      Expressions results.png

      I hope someone can help me.

      The sugestions present in the forum can't help me,  because I need to be able to select values in lines and dots. So having two charts ( one on the top of each other) is not an option.




      Kind regards

      Dulce Sleeckx