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    Selection invoices dated from today to 30 days ago



      I am new to Qlikview and only had a couple of days of practice. Also, I am not very familiar with SQL-language. I have been able to make some basic reports/tables, but now I stumbled onto my first real problem.


      I have made a selection of every invoice we have made. I do not wish to see all those invoices, just the ones dated between today (i.e. 22-06-2012) and thirty days ago (23-05-2012).


      With the help of our IT-student I came to this result:




      However, this did not work. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



      Kind Regards,


      Freerk Wieringa

      sum((<InvoiceDate = {'<=$(=Date(Today()-30,'DD-MM-YYYY'))}>}InvoiceValue)