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    Migrate to new server - powertools, Server Object Handler



      I am trying to migrate a document from a QV10 server (Once was a QV9 server) to a QV 11 server on a new machine.


      In trying to migrate the server objects from one to the other, I need to change the username of each objects owner.


      I have downloaded powertools v1.1, and have successfully managed to change all objects from QV10Server\John.Smith to QV11Server\John.Smith.  (using one key user as a test to start with)


      On logging into accesspoint and accessing the app as John.Smith, I can see their user created sheets have been copied, but without any of the user created charts - the charts are in the repository but not in the locations they once were in the app.


      Having opened the .shared file in the Shared File viewer, I can see there are still a lot of objects belonging to QV10Server\John.Smith... These appear to be of types MetaData, DocumentContent and ObjectContent... Do they hold the key to moving these objects?


      If so is there a solution to successfully migrating the user and their objects.


      To scale this, we have 40 users, about 5 of which are power users with around 900 shared objects in total for one key qvw, with 5 other qvw's, so manual creation of all the objects is not preferable.


      Kind regards