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    stacked bar with aggr in dimension



      I have this in dimension for stack bar.



      then in expression i have,



      the result of dimension will be 0, 1, 2.


      the expression is couting, how many of 0, how many of 1, and 2.


      couting is fine, but when i turn it to percentage, it wont work.

      i have tried relative, etc... i need to get the sum of the count, but with the aggr in dimension always showing, i can't get the total.



      i have also tried to split the count, but there's no result

      if( (AGGR(sum(NUMBER) ,CLASS ,MONTH))=0, count(AGGR(sum(NUMBER) ,CLASS ,MONTH)) )+

      if( (AGGR(sum(NUMBER) ,CLASS ,MONTH))=1, count(AGGR(sum(NUMBER) ,CLASS ,MONTH)) )+

      if( (AGGR(sum(NUMBER) ,CLASS ,MONTH))=2,count(AGGR(sum(NUMBER) ,CLASS ,MONTH)) )



      any hints?