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    Can't assign cals in document

    Eliran Sanor

      Hi all,


      After upgrading qv server (11 sr2) I'm facing a weird problem with one of the documents.

      I'm missing the 'Number of CALs allocated to this Document' field, therefore I can't assign any new cals to this document.

      I have tried removing the document files (Metadata, Shared, qvw), but nothing helps.

      In the summary I see the document got one embedded doc cal in it, but I don't know if it's related nor do I know how to remove it.


      Any help?


      This is how it looks..



      Document CALs available on server

      Document CALs not allocated on server135
      Document CALs allocated to this document0
      Document CALs embedded in document1
      Document CALs assigned to users:0