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    Distributing / printing QV docs as reports

      Hi All,


      To date, have mainly focussed on building dashboards etc...  but now want to be able to distribute these dashboards (ie create printable reports).


      What is the best way to create a printable report?  As far as I can see, there are 3 possible ways, with none in my opinion being a strong option (am guessing I am overlooking something critical):




      1.  Press "print" within the main QV doc, I still end up with all the selection boxes etc down the left hand side of my document (naturally, can de-select "print object" - but then have a lot of space that needs to be "managed".


      2.  Send objects to excel - guess via macro I can pre-define a number of objects to be simultaneously sent to excel - then need to find a clever way of making the excel document look presentable (ie incorporating corporate colours etc...)


      3.  Create a "report" within QV - which in essence requires me to do the job twice?  ie create my dashboard, and then re-create it within QV report section - however there appear to be a limited amount of options when it comes to design in the reporting module vs the standard QV page - ie to create a thin line is near impossible, and can only get a thin rectangle (and not a line) as an example.




      I appreciate that I am using QV v8.5, and therefore there may already exist some wonderfull reporting options in later versions.


      Could someone please enlighten me as to how they create reports, ready to distribute to the masses - and let me know what version you are using?


      Kind regards,



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          Ross Greig

          Hi Rich,


          What you have pretty much described perfectly is a product called NPrinting!  As you have found, the standard QlikView software isn't up to much in terms of distributing data, especially when it comes to nicely formatted Excel files.


          The easiest thing to do is check out www.nprinting.com to get some more information about the product.  From there you can download a 45 day free trial to test it out.


          We're a reseller of the NPrinting product within the UK, so if you would like to get in touch for a quick training session, or some help with your product evaluation, we're happy to help!