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    Multiple Percentages Showing In Pie Chart Pop-Up

    Bill Bois

      I have a pie chart showing the revenue for our biggest clients.  When I hover my mouse pointer over the first slice, it shows the client's name, their total revenue, and what percent of our total revenue they represent.  That's exactly what I want.


      However, when I hover over the second slice, it again shows the client's name and revenue, but it shows the first client's percentage as well as the second client's percentage.  Hovering over the third slice show the percentages for each of the first three clients, and so on.


      So the pop-ups look something like this:


      1st Slice

      Client = Acme, Inc.

      Revenue = $7,123,456


      2nd Slice

      Client = XYZ Corp.

      Revenue = $5,232,123



      3rd Slice

      Client = Ajax Widgets

      Revenue = $3,451,789





      Hovering over, say, the 7th slice, shows 7 percentages.  How can I get it to show only the percentage for the slice I'm hovering over?  I've tried searching for anyone else who's having this problem, without luck.  Thanks in advance!