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    How to pass several variables to QVDistributionService ?



      Is it possible to set several variables through QVDistributionService ?


      In fact

      If I create a test document test.qvw

      I create two variables A, B, C without value

      I save

      I close the document


      When I call QVDistributionService through a command line


      C:\Program Files\QlikView\DistributionService\QVDistributionService -r="<path>\test.qvw" -variablename=A -variablevalue=1 -variablename=B -variablevalue=2 -variablename=C -variablevalue=3


      There is no error...Only lines with "Information...."

      When I reopen the test.qvw document only the lastvariable C is set with value "3". No change on the other variables


      Have you a solution, a tip using QVDistributionService


      Thanks in advance


      Amaury M