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    Display issue for field 1 giving field 2 (one to one) but want to see multiple field 1 options based on field 2 (one to many)

      I am trying to get QV to work in the following way:


      User clicks on field ITEM


      Item then brings up field LABEL DIE


      (This part I can do, pretty easy with just standard objects.)


      Next, based on the item selection I would like to display all of the possible items that have the same LABEL DIE.  I have the info in a pivot table and ran a count in my expression.  I can view all of the LABEL DIE and also see a count of how many items are connected to the LABEL DIE.  I can even see the ITEM field until item is selected.  Is there a way to click ITEM and get all ITEMS listed with the same LABEL DIE?


      I have tried using set analysis, but can't get any code to work for it.  Thanks,