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    Incremental load date format problem

    Jose Tos

      Hi, I´m trying to do an incremental load but this is the problem:


      First of all, I get a date from the SQL that tells me the date of the last data we have, this field is FUltModif.

      After the first load I have a table with the initial data and this is Geo.QVD, so I get the max FUltModif and then I get it with peek() function.



      LOAD Date(max(Fecha_Modif),'DD/MM/YYYY') AS Fecha_Max //I have to do a Date() function because I was getting a number instead a date.

      from $(Path_QVD)Geo.QVD



      let vUltimaModif = peek('Fecha_Max',0,'Tabla'); //Debugging I can see that this returns me a date '12/12/2000'


      DROP Table Tabla;


      // First I load all the old data I have in my QVD


      LOAD *

      From $(Path_QVD)Geo.QVD



      // And I want to concatenate the new data, the data with modification dates bigger than my last modificate date from my QVD




          ,DepartamentoCod as DepCod

          ,CiudadCod        as CiuCod

          ,BarrioCod as BarrioCod


          ,Date(FUltModif,'DD/MM/YYYY') as FUltModif

          ,Date(FUltModif,'DD/MM/YYYY') as Fecha_Modif


      SQL select






           ,Convert(varchar,DataBaseTableX.FUltModif, 103) as FUltModif       // Convertion from varchar to Date DD/MM/YYYY


      from DataBaseTableX

      where FUltModif > #$(vUltimaModif)# 



      What I´m doing wrong?? It seems like the where clause is comparing anything,

      I suppose that is because they have different formats but I don´t know why.


      Help me please, thank you.