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    Conditional count of values from another object. Please?



      I was wondering if anyone would have any advice about how do the following, please.


      I´ve got a straigt table where dimension is Number of Risks from 1 to 30 for example and then expressions are if formulas.

      Eg.Check 1...  If (DOB=AGE, 'GOOD', 'ERROR'). I have different expressions but the result for all of them for each risks would be GOOD or ERROR.


      I´ve also got different set or risks. E.g. Set A = risks from 1 to 30 (expression will give a GOOD or an ERROR for each risk)

                                                              Set B = risks from 50 to 100 ((we can have different checks/expressions than in Set A)


      What I want to do is in another object (straight table probably) to count the number of GOOD and ERROR by check and set but not by risk (risk shouldn´t be a dimesion I think).

      Eg. Set A. Check 1,     5 GOOD, 25 ERROR

                      Check 2,     30 GOOD, 0 ERROR


            Set B.Check 1,     49 GOOD, 1 ERROR

                      Check 2,     50 GOOD, 0 ERROR




      Thanks in advance.



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