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    Resident load from qvd with custom date format...

      Hi !


      First I'm loading an array of monthly qvd files, which works :



      LOAD * From Report_*.qvd(qvd);


      These qvd files have a field called Fiscal_Period, which shows the months and years in such way : 001.2010


      Now I would like to make a calendar out of this, but it doesnt work :


      LOAD * From Report_*.qvd(qvd);


      LOAD Fiscal_Period,
      MakeDate(Num(Right(Fiscal_Period,4)), Num(Mid(Fiscal_Period,2,2)),1) as OrderDate,
      Date#(Orderdate, 'YYMM') as FinalDate
      Resident Source_table


      It gives the error : OrderDate not found,


      What do I do wrong?