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    Session CAL = Concurrent License ?

      Hi everyone,


      we got about 60 names user CALs.

      Last time I checked my log several of them use our qlikview documents rather sporadically. Because of this and because of other employees how regulary ask for QV access we thought about altering our license modell to a combination of named and concurrent users. So I checked the internet and found several posts talking about session CALs with the info that the pricing of this type is about 7 times the price of a named user CAL.


      But on the pricing page at qlik.com (http://www.qlik.com/us/explore/pricing) there is just concurrent license listed, with a price more then 10 times the price of a named user.


      So, is this basically the same as a session CAL or is there some difference between session and concurrent license ?


      I thought about reducing the named user base to around 30 and use around 5 concurrent CALs for about 40 other employees. I think less than 5 would not be really userfriendly, especially if this license is counted per user per document. But if those are the actuall pricings I'm better of 20 more named users how can access all documents simultaneously.


      I'd appreciate any infos or tipps.



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          Deepak Kurup

          HI Markus,


          You are right the Session cals and concurrent licenses are same. The pricing which they have provided is bit confusing as it doesn't specify about Sesssion and Usage Cals.


          In terms of pricing you can check with your Qlikview partner as he might be able to provide you discount on the base price.