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    How to do set analysis using a data field's value?

      Ok, I've got a Set Analysis issue I'm trying to work out.


      I want to build a list of all departments an employee has worked for that *aren't* his/her 'home' department.  I've nearly gotten the set analysis expression worked out, but I've run into a brick wall.


      This one does what I want to, except that it forces the excluded department code value to be 1126.

      Concat({$<ActualDepartmentCode-={"1126"}>} DISTINCT $(DepartmentNumberAndName), ', ')


      Unfortunately, not every employee record has a HomeDepartmentCode value of 1126.  For example, Employee 10393 has a home department of 1113.


      What do I use in place of the ... below to get it to evaluate the currently associated HomeDepartmentCode value so it will be correct for *all* employees?

      Concat({$<ActualDepartmentCode-={...}>} DISTINCT $(DepartmentNumberAndName), ', ')