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    Global flag

      So heres what I need to do.


      I have some employee numbers (Emp_Num) and their last logon date (LastLogonDate) onto their computers. I want to change the background color of the cells that those employees who haven't logged on for 120 days to red. However, I want it to be done in the script so that its global (meaning anywhere those employee numbers appears in the QVW it will be red).


      Currently I can do it in one table, but I only get the background color of LastLogonTime to change, not the Emp_Num:


      if (only(LastLogonTime)<= Today()-120, vPasswordAgeRed,

      if(only(LastLogonTime)<= Today()-90, vPasswordAgeYellow, if(Only(LastLogonTime)<= Today()-60, vPasswordAgeWhite)))




      So is this even possible to do? Its my ultimate goal for this so no matter where the Emp_num shows in my QVW report, it will show red or yellow based on the last logon date.