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    Extracting data from Salesforce

    rahul tyagi

      Hi!  i am working on a qlikview application using salesforce. I want to extract data from salesforce. Can some povide some knowledge on this, how to go about it.

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          Hi Ronny,


          We can provide a connector which connects QlikView to Salesforce.com using a single user, you extract data directly from SFDC directly into QlikView and perform your business discovery in QlikView, the connector is chargable.


          You can download Salesforce.com data directly into a QlikView application or you choose to store the Saleforce data into our highly compressed file format QVD and load your application from QVD rather than from Salesforce directly.


          The process of connecting to Saleforce.com take minutes to set up,  once you have the connector, you require a saleforce.com user ID,  security token and the password to SFDC.



          Hope this answers your question ?


          Thanks Steve